Nose Pattern

Made this piece for a site specific yarn bombing. It was a very spur of the moment thing, so I can’t say I can give the best directions to make it yourself, but I’ll try.

You’ll need some scrap yarn. It really doesn’t take a lot.

This piece is made in the round so that it would fit up against the wall and have space left between. It could also be worn, though it isn’t “fitted”. Alternatively you could stuff it and make a back so it is more nose like.

R1: magic circle and sc 6

R2: 2sc in each stitch – 12 sc

R3: 2 1sc, 2 sc* repeat – 18 sc

Keep increasing stitches each round until you get the size circle you want.

R4: 2 1 sc, 3 sc* repeat – 24 sc (the next row would be 4 sc, then 5 sc, etc.)

Tie off when you’re done.

Once I got my sorta half sphere made I stitched some nostrils (black area) close to an edge.

The fleshy part of the nostrils is a bit hard to explain and is really a sort of free style thing. I created single crochets into the half sphere around each nostril creating a sort of ridge. I’d go around once, then come back around again, only this time I’d sc and attach the ridge to the piece as I went. I then repeated these two (making a ridge, then attaching the ridge back to the surface) until I got the volume I wanted. It looks a bit odd, and could probably be improved upon, but that’s how I got mine.

Once it was done I just pinched it into a more nose like shape.

Feel free to use this pattern and adapt it all you want. You can sell them or whatever, just reference back to me in some way.

IMG_1243 IMG_1245 IMG_1246


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