Vine Crochet Pattern

Okay, I call this a vine, but it’s like a long chain with bumps on it. You can make it look like a spider web, or whatever else you please.

It’s really simple and doesn’t really require a “pattern”. Just grab some scrap yarn and a hook that matches and start chaining. I’d chain about 5 or 6 then in the second to last stitch I’d do several double crochets until it looked like a little bud or leaf (or until there was no more room), then chain 5-6 more and repeat for whatever length you want.

I used this to fill in a hole at the warehouse where my studio is at. I thought it made a great piece for yarn bombing. I’d love to see what anyone else can think up to do with it. 🙂 I really can’t say this is “my pattern” as it’s so simple, someone else has had to have made it before. Either way if you come up with something to do with it, I’d love to see photos of your work and creativity.

IMG_1235 IMG_1236


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