Fire Extinguisher Pattern

So I’m starting on an endeavor to mirror a whole hallway at the warehouse in which my studio is at. It’s an old building with a bunch of graffiti and holes throughout the hallways. I felt that my telephone was a huge success in activating the neglected space and I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if I mirrored the whole hallway? Then the poor inhabitants of the hall would suddenly become aware of their surroundings and possibly feel claustrophobic in that space. I’m not sure right now if I want to assemble it all at once, or slowly build it up. I may just leave the phone up and then add the rest all at once. Then I can seize the hallway in one powerful move!

Okay, so this time I tried to take better notes of what I was doing while making the fire extinguisher, but parts of it may still be a bit confusing.


-red yarn (for the main body, you’ll need at least one skein of yarn worsted weight, like red heart or caron simply soft)

-grey, black, and green yarn (this is more for smaller parts, so scraps will do)

-G hook (or whatever works with your yarn)

-yarn needle



So I really simplified down the mechanics of the extinguisher. In fact I forgot the pin, but that’s pretty simple to modify on your own. If you think of a better way to do the handle feel free to change it up. I basically just made two rectangles.

Top Handle:

R1: ch 18

R2-14: sc 17

Tie off, sew long sides together to make a tube.

Bottom Handle:

R1: ch 21

R2-14: sc 20

Tie off, sew long sides together to make a tube.

Sides x 4:

R1: ch 6

R2-3: sc 5

Tie off and leave long tail. Stuff tubes and then stitch sides onto both handles.

Now pick two edges and stitch the edges together of the top and bottom handle. Attach a bit of the long sides together as well so it looks like where a joint would connect. (About an inch by inch area next to the edge)


So this area gets simplified a lot. The joint is supposed to start out kinda like a granny square to get the appearance of the square connection to the handle. Mine ended up a bit rounded still, but it’s not a biggie. Then the shape turns into the conical shape and body of the extinguisher. I made the pattern so it would have ridges at top to look more like joints, but it’s hard to see it while stuffing, so you could always just make rows 3-11 all 18 sc.

R1: magic circle 6 sc (begin with grey)

R2: 2sc, 1 sc* repeat – 12 sc

R3: 2sc, 2sc, 1 sc* repeat – 18 sc

R4-6: sc in each st – 18 sc

switch to red

R7-8: sc in each st – 18 sc

R9: sc2tog, 1 sc – 12 sc

R10: sc in each st – 12 sc

R11: 2sc, 1 sc – 18 sc

R12: sc in each st – 18 sc

R13: 2sc, 2 sc* repeat – 24 sc

R14: 2sc, 3 sc* repeat – 30 sc

R15: 2sc, 4 sc* repeat – 36 sc

R16: 2sc, 5 sc* repeat – 42 sc

R17: 2sc, 6 sc* repeat – 48 sc

R18: 2sc, 7 sc* repeat – 54 sc

R19: 2sc, 8 sc* repeat – 60 sc

R20-88: sc in each st – 60 sc

Stuff and continue stuffing as you go. Fire extinguishers are either flat or inverted half circles on the bottom, so you want to either have the bottom run as flat as possible or push upwards inside of itself to be a half sphere.

R89: sc2tog, 8 sc* repeat – 54 sc

R90: sc2tog, 7 sc* repeat – 48 sc

R91: sc2tog, 6 sc* repeat – 42 sc

R92: sc2tog, 5 sc* repeat – 36 sc

R93: sc2tog, 4 sc* repeat – 30 sc

R94: sc2tog, 3 sc* repeat – 24 sc

R95: sc2tog, 2 sc* repeat – 18 sc

R96: sc2tog, 1 sc* repeat – 12 sc

R97: sc2tog* repeat – 6 sc

Loop together and tie off.

Using the grey yarn, stitch around the edge with a backstitch. This is more optional, but I found it good for making the edge more defined since the bottom is smushy. Stitch right around the last and second to last row before you decreased. Okay, I thought I had a picture of this, but it turns out it didn’t upload onto my computer, so I’ll try to remember to take a picture later so you can see what I’m talking about.


Start with red yarn.

R1: magic circle 6 sc

R2: 2sc in each st – 12 sc

R3: 2sc, 1 sc* repeat – 18 sc

switch to grey

R4: 2sc, 2 sc* repeat – 24 sc

Tie off. Use a green yarn to stitch an arrow on the gauge. Use grey yarn to stitch circle in middle.

Attach gauge to bottom handle on one side. Tuck in loose ends.

crochet fire extinguisher

Start with grey.

R1: ch 12 and connect to first stitch

R2-5: sc in each st – 12 sc

switch to black

R6-50: sc in each st – 12 sc

switch to grey

R51-60: sc in each st – 12 sc

You can either stuff the hose or not. I decided not to. Attach it to the front of the bottom handle. My husband teased me because he said the bottom grey area should funnel out a bit. So if you want to you can increase every 2nd or 3rd row of the last 51 – 60 rows.


R1: ch 61

R2-3: sc in each st – 60

Wrap around body and stitch front to back. I used the loose ends of the yarn to make a loop that keeps the hose in place before tying them off and tucking them away.

So that’s everything. Or everything except the pin. I’m not sure yet how I want to do that part since it changes so much depending on the model. I may just leave it off for now.

Feel free to make these for gifts or to sell, just reference back to me in some way. Happy crocheting!

crochet fire extinguisher

crochet fire extinguisher


2 thoughts on “Fire Extinguisher Pattern

  1. My hubby is a high rise inspector with the Houston Fire Dept so I made one of these for his office. He loved it.

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