First Aid Kit and Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit

First Aid Kit Crochet

First Aid Kit


-yarn (I used worsted weight)


-yarn needle

-stitch marker

First Aid Box

So for this pattern I didn’t actually write down all the steps because it ends up being rather harder to follow along if you are literally counting every stitch over and over again, so instead I’d recommend just working to meet a specific gauge. In that regard this is a bit more like sewing with specific sized pieces.

To start you’re going to make the front. You’ll want to start a chain until you get enough stitches to be 16 inches long. From here on out you’ll just keep flipping and crocheting single stitches until you have a block that is 10 inches wide and 16 inches long.

Now you’ll continue around the whole block with single stitches. When you get to a corner sc 2 stitches into the stitch prior to the corner, then sc 2 stitches into the stitch after the corner. Keep going around and continue to do that on all corners. Stop when you hit your stitch marker. From here on out you’ll single stitch into every stitch until your sides are 5 inches deep.

There are a couple of ways to make the back piece. My way is probably considered lazy. You could tie off what you have and then make a whole other piece like the front panel, but I just keep going and make what almost looks like a door. On a long side (where you stopped stitching) crochet one and flip and go back until you hit the next corner. Keep flipping and crocheting to make a “door” that only connects at the long side. Crochet until the “door” is 10 inches like the front. Now you should have a back where three sides are unconnected. You’ll tie off your stitching and then use a needle to connect the other sides, stuffing the box as you go.


R1: ch until you get 12″ strand

R2: sc in second to last stitch on chain, keep doing single stitches until you get to end

R3: sc in each st

R4: sc in each st

R5: sc in each st, tie off

Using a needle, stitch the first row and last row together so that they make a tube shape. Tie off.

Now stitch the handle onto the box.

First Aid Kit Crochet

Next you’ll add stitching to write out “First Aid” or some other varient.

You may have noticed that when I was making my box I kept switching colors, that was just because I ran out of yarn, it isn’t part of the pattern. Feel free to go crazy with yours if you want and change up the colors all you want.

Okay, now for the “Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit”. I don’t have pictures of this finished, I must have forgotten to snap shots before I took it to the studio, but I’ll put up pictures later. So for now I’ll post a picture of what it is in general.

First Aid Kit and Bodily Disposal Kit

So this is a picture of the kits that I’m mirroring for this project. The smaller box is made just like the first aid kit, just smaller.

Bodily Fluid Box

Chain a strand until you get 6 1/2 inches. Flip and single crochet and keep going until you get a block that is 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. Mark your place with a stitch marker. Again you are going to crochet around the whole outside perimeter with single stitches and do 2 sc in the st prior to the corner and 2 sc in the st after the corner. Single crochet around until you have a depth of 3 inches.

Now you’re going to make a “door” again by crocheting back and forth on just one long side until you get a panel as long as the front (5 1/2 inches). Tie off. Stitch last three sides together and stuff as you go.

Now add stitching to the front. Mine says “Bodily Fluid Kit” or something like that.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can make these and sell them if you want or gift them to friends, just reference back to here in some way. Feel free to alter the pattern as well. You could always make the boxes hollow so you could put more goodies inside, I wasn’t up for the intensity of that just yet, but I still think it would be a fun project.

Happy crocheting! (I’ll add more pictures once it’s installed.)


Edit: Adding pictures of “Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit” and to show installation in case anyone cares.

First Aid Kit crochet

Here is an image of them installed. I’m mirroring all of the fixtures in this hall, so here is a picture of it slowly building up. In the background you can almost make out the fire extinguisher I made and the other telephone.

First Aid Kit crochet

Writing is kind of hard to see, but there they are together.

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