Gold and Silver Patterns

gold and silver crochet

So the following is going to be an accounting of my adventures in trying to make my husband a present. He is a huge fan of coin collecting and in particular gold and silver coins. Since I couldn’t afford to buy him any precious metal coins, I decided to spin some yarn into gold instead. 🙂

I’m still not quite satisfied with how the pattern worked out, so I’m trying to play with a way to push this idea to the next level. I tried sewing and I’m thinking the next best option is going to be working with felt as you don’t have to worry about the edges and can stitch designs and writing onto them to be more authentic. For a quick and cheap joke gift this worked fine though.


-yarn (I used worsted weight)


-yarn needle

-stitch marker

Gold Bar

So this pattern is more about lengths rather than fine details, so I’ll just give final dimensions and directions and you can work your gauge to fit the size desired.

You’re going to start off chaining until you get a length of 8.3 inches long. Flip and crochet single stitches until you get a block that ends up 3.3 inches wide. Add a stitch marker, then crochet single stitches around the perimeter. When you get to a corner sc2tog prior to the corner and then sc2tog after the corner. Do this for every corner on this first row, then as you keep going around just single crochet. Continue adding rows until you get to just shy of 1.87 inches deep. Do another row and at the corners decrease again like above.

gold bar crochet

Now you’re at the stage that I call a “door”. You’ll crochet back and forth on the last long side you worked until you make a flap that is the just shy of the size of the front (it should be about 2 rows smaller on each side). Tie off. Now you’ll stitch the other three sides together and stuff as you go.

cold bar crochet

There you have it, your own bar of gold. Now you can add touches to it. It also happens to look a lot like a block of cheese or Velveeta. Haha, so do what you will with it.


So I’m going to give directions for making a little coin. I wasn’t too happy with how they turned out because they are a little plain. I think coins would look really good in felt with stitching. You could also make two coins and stitch on them and then sew them together so the front and back look different. I didn’t do that because of time.

To be realistic, silver ounce coins are about 1 1/2 inches. Gold ounce coins are just a bit smaller (like a row smaller). I used the dimensions of silver and gold eagles in case you want better specifics or an idea of what details to add.


R1: magic circle 6sc – 6 sc

R2: 2 sc in each st – 12 sc

R3: 1 sc, 2 sc* repeat – 18 sc

Tie off.


R1: magic circle 6sc- 6sc

R2: 2 sc in each st – 12 sc

Tie off.

They work okay for play money, just be careful not to give them to kids that are too young as they may put them in their mouth.

sew gold bar

sew gold bar

Another varient I made of the gold bar ended up being sewn. My scanner isn’t working, or else I’d scan the pattern for you to use, but it’s fairly simple to re-draw out. I made the top 11.3″ x 4.3″ wide while adding on a seam allowance of a 1/2″ to all sides. The bottom was an inch smaller than the top on both sides. The side pieces were 1.87″ inches deep and the other sides tapered to meet the lengths of the bottom and top pieces. Sew these together and leave one edge for stuffing. Stuff then hand stitch last edge together.

To make it more authentic I added writing on the gold bar for its purity and how many ounces it was. My husband ended up a lot happier with this gold bar and it works as a nice couch pillow. I don’t think I’ll alter the gold bar any, but the coins I still think would be best as felt.

Anyways, feel free to play around with these patterns and make, gift, and sell them all you want. Just reference back to here in some way.


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