Art Attack & Solar Powered Art


As part of the Time Arts department and as a student in an Intermedia course, I’ve helped set up and participate in two different venues. The former was Art Attack in Sycamore where I helped assist Time Arts with setting up student work the Local Arts Center building. Chris Fedak’s work was presented in two corner windows, while undergraduate and other graduate work was projected in a hallway along the wall. The rest of the rooms were filled with local artists’ work from around the community.

The latter display was part of a film festival whose theme was environmentally friendly practices. The venue for the festival was O’Leary’s restaurant in DeKalb, IL in the upstairs area. Film makers projected their films all evening, and there were booths set up to display information and projects. Our Intermedia class had a display of solar powered artwork.

My piece focused on the source of energy and pollutants, as well as the futility of controlling pollutants in the face of human nature. The majority of objects in the world are constructed of carbon, which comes from the Sun. Charcoal is comprised of carbon, but is also a source of energy itself, and a pollutant that destroys the atmosphere when used. I hooked up a solar panel to a small motor, which rotated around a Q-tip. This Q-tip was then fastened so that it would vibrate within a small wooden charcoal box filled with ground up charcoal in the form of powder. As the motor would turn, the Q-tip would make a design in the powder (which was on top of a sheet of paper), mimicking the art of drawing, while demonstrating the futility of cleaning carbon in such confined perimeters.


Motor before it was attached to Q-tip and before circuit was add to stand.


Demonstration of drawn pattern from vibrating motor.


Demonstration of drawing from motor’s vibrations.


Stand and Q-tip added. Lid closes while in transportation. Box recycled from compressed charcoal drawing box. Sticks used to create powder inside of box.


Detail of box text.


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