Fashion Arsenal

Fashion Arsenal

“Fashion Arsenal” is an in progress project exploring themes of open source content on the internet, regulations, 3-D printing, and human rights. Currently there is much debate on ownership rights to M16’s as they have separate lower and upper receivers. Only the lower receiver has to be registered, so individuals have the ability to fashion their own lower receiver out of alternative materials, and attach it to upper receivers to construct a working firearm that is not “on the books”.

For “Fashion Arsenal” I obtained an airsoft M4 (a shorter toy copy of the M16), and have altered it so it no longer has the lower receiver. Currently I am in the process of writing a pattern for a lower receiver which will attach to the M4 toy gun.





Attempts to work with plastic canvas have not worked as desired. Material is too rigid to bend to the desired shape. Does not attach well to original object.


Crocheted version is easy to adapt for fluidity of shape, but bloats too much and is not rigid enough.



Hand sewn lower receiver works best as it is soft and bendable, yet rigid enough that it does not stretch. I will be using this mock up to alter the pattern and then make final pieces.


Fabric selections for the two M4 sculptures. In addition to sewing these out of fashionable gray fabric, I will be purchasing electronic textiles to incorporate into the design. As conductive thread is gray, I am sticking to gray fabrics for now. This may change in later versions.


Lower receiver matches up, but will need straps to attach it onto upper receiver.


As upper receiver has been gutted of airsoft parts, the interior is hollow and might serve as a good place to add electronic components.


Preview of sewing pattern. Still altering to add on directions and straps. Will update soon.




Crochet directions for each part.




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