Husbandry (Weekly Economics)



“Husbandry” is a set of days of the week towels depicting themes from headline news that cycle throughout history. Each day has its own pictographic symbol and “headline” that represents the day and its placement within the “week” cycle. These towels are still in progress, and will be stained to appear aged. The antiquity of the towels will strengthen the significance of these symbols as archetypes throughout history, that have become adopted into the household and into the daily routine of families. These towels question the politics of economics through the complacency of the individual.

The patterns for these towels are open source and free to the public to make themselves. Simply print the design out using a laser printer and iron the image onto a towel, or desired fabric.








friday monday saturday sunday thursday tuesday wednesday


If you plan on ironing these on, make sure that you keep the file flipped, so that it transfers the right way. It is purposefully mirrored. You may have to use a fabric pencil as well to go over the lines again as it will transfer rather light.


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