Fashion Arsenal II



Update on the pattern for “Fashion Arsenal”. The mock sewn pattern is now complete. I created a lower trigger housing that snaps onto the barrel and receiver. The magazine of the airsoft gun can then slide into the front of the piece.


Here you can see how I attached straps that tie the piece onto the airsoft gun. This would also fit onto a real M4 (AR15), though it might need a bit of adjustments to the strap length to attach it to the barrel.



Photo depicts how straps come around and close around the upper receiver of the airsoft gun.

fashion arsenal


Photo depicts how magazine can slide into lower trigger housing. I am still working on a way for the magazine to click into place. Before it had a way to attach, but when I gutted the airsoft gun, I removed some structural elements.



Now that I have a pattern for the lower portion, I am considering how to add electric textiles to the piece. I am thinking about running wiring up through the barrel of the airsoft gun and adding a suppressor (silencer) to the front, made out of the same fabric, and attaching LEDs to it that would light up in the pattern of a muzzle flash. A sensor would then be added to the trigger so when touched the firearm would “fire” by lighting up the LEDs.

I just ordered two lilypads, several sensors, and a set of LEDs. I’m in the process of learning processing so that I can program the lilypads in these pieces, as well as for another project for one of my classes.


Here is a photo of the lilypad still connected to the snap board with LEDs and sensors. In the photo I am testing how all the sensors and switches work to turn off and on the lights.


I also purchased some conductive thread and fabric to create touch sensors and to wire the pieces together by stitching.




Once I have a program designed for the piece, I will spray paint the airsoft guns white to look like mannequins. That way the lower trigger housing will be read as an object on its own, rather than being read as part of the gun. This will also address the obvious “fakeness” of the airsoft guns and repurpose them. The wiring will run up the length of the barrel and through the end where the suppressor will be added so the piece is full integrated and unified.

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