Dead Ringer


“Dead Ringer” is an on going project that developed over the last year. This soft sculpture based series of work consists of life scale crocheted objects that are then placed in juxtaposition or in replacement of obsolete everyday items.

This series is an exploration of our throw away culture, where objects are quickly manufactured and  antiquated within seconds of hitting the shelf. In a world where supply and demand has inflated the cost of living to incredibly high levels, it is a wonder we still feel the need and necessity to constantly replace and update. Manufacturers continually provide updates and services for devices, which more often than naught turn them into a brick, a paper weight at best, so as to create a need for a newer model.

In the United States one of our largest exports is garbage and scrap metal. We consume so much that our only exportable goods are the remains of what we’ve already tossed out, sent back to China to become something else which will eventually end up in a garbage heap.

The materials I use for “Dead Ringer” are all salvaged, either from garage sales, thrift stores, relatives and acquaintances, or old projects. These “junk” materials are given a new life in the shape of dead objects, long forgotten and made obsolete, whether by location, make, or function.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 7.54.01 AM

Above: Phone from series is placed in Northern Illinois University’s President’s house as part of an art exhibition. Object is placed one one side of the sofa, while a real phone is placed on the other.

Dead Ringer

Above: Phone pictured again for Foundation Instructor Show at Northern Illinois University.











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