Yarn Bus

“Yarn Bus” is a installation piece created within my first year of my MFA program. A diagram of a bus is drawn out onto the wall using T pins and yarn stretched between them. Each strand levitates within several inches of the surface, with varying degrees of depth causing the slightest appearance of the three dimensional. This installation is life scale, to create a fully rendered experience in which a viewer can feel present in another world. Because of the lack of a completely three dimensional existence, the viewer ultimately feels isolated from the piece, while still being able to interact within it. A person could quite easily slide their hand around a “pole” or pull the “yellow string”. However no matter how hard they try, they can never sit down or walk between the doors. This causes an alienation between the world and viewer which mimics that of current day social interactions. We are constantly present in a shared existence, yet never quite at the same time or moment as each other. Even in our daily commute we are miles away from each other mentally, never being able to quite reach out and touch the person sitting in front of us.

While this piece thematically seems a bit removed from my current work, I think the process and presentation are a method I would like to further investigate in my work. If not in thread, perhaps with projections.


Yarn Bus








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