214: Respond + Adapt

“214: Respond + Adapt was a one day performance which took place in Gallery 214 at Northern Illinois University. Visiting artist Pate Conaway and graduate student Whitney Bandel collaborated together to create an event where both artists explored fibrous materials and worked within the perimeters of learning and distributing process and knowledge through hands on learning. Together they explored the traditions and legacies of fibers by developing a body of work through live performance, while inviting the audience to participate and explore art and the art making process through hands on investigation.” -description from http://www.wbandel.com



Pate Conaway was a visiting artist at Northern Illinois University this last semester. He was invited by the Drawing department to give a lecture and performance. Having met Pate at his studio in Chicago, he was kind enough to offer to collaborate a project with me where we would take over one of the galleries at NIU. These are just a couple of images from the performance of works I made. Below is also a video of the event.

For materials we collected our own materials, recycled households items, and asked for donations from the NIU population. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Aside from us many students from the school came in and out of the space and contributed some of their own work. Pate offered to demonstrate his hand crochet techniques and we were able to discuss the differences in hand crochet and traditional crochet with tools. Mostly I experimented with juxtaposing two materials in the same vessel form.








Image of Pate Conaway working with the installation developing on the gallery wall behind.

I look forward to seeing how Pate’s work develops from here.

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