Drone Kite


This summer I’m taking the opportunity to teach myself kite aerial photography, as well as hopefully balloon photography. I am interested in surveillance issues as they relate to advanced technology, such as drones. Part of my objective is to explore the use of deception and surveillance in domestic applications to heighten the complexity of the issues of individual rights as they stand in society as a whole.

For now I have been running test flights at a lower aerial level. The line I am using is 300 ft, and I will be upping the length of my line over time up to 1,000 ft. By the end of the summer I would like to do a weather balloon flight going up to the stratosphere. This will depend on weather, materials, and funds. I may end up running a fundraiser to do this to insure the well being of the equipment.

The kite I have purchased withstands approximately 12-30 mph winds. With the addition of the camera rig this looks more like 14 mph at the minimum range. However these speeds do not keep the kite up for long. The max length of a flight was about 30 minutes. Both photos and videos turn out well with little blurring. The camera tends to swing a lot, so there will be upcoming modifications to the rig and line, especially once using a longer line.

With the amount of trees in Illinois, I have been focusing mostly on flying in grassy fields or parking lots where buildings/trees create channels for the wind to build up in. This will most likely not be as necessary once wind speeds rise. Here is a map of the current locations I have footage of.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.05.27 AM

The below photos are the property of Allen Moore, another artist who offered to document our first outing.

DSC_0227 copy 2

Photo of laying out the kite to attach the camera and let it out.

DSC_0242 copy 2

My husband assisted me by holding the camera until the wind caught the kite. He also would grab it as it fell to the ground. For future flights by myself I need to build legs for the camera to fall softly onto.

DSC_0160 copy 2
DSC_0199 copy 2

Drone Kite

Photo taken by the GoPro while in flight. Once I get enough footage I will experiment with editing it in software. There should be filters to change the extreme rounding out of the images if desired.

DSC_0266 copy 2
Packing away the kite. It comes in an easy to travel bag and has no frame to it. This will make it easy to transport anywhere so that I can set up in a moments notice. I also used what I learned from hand crocheting to help shorten the lines and keep them tidy so they don’t knot up together.

Updates to come soon.

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