Fashion Arsenal III



“Finished” the “Fashion Arsenal” project. By that I mean to say that I think it’s time to move onto the next idea. I got the LEDs to light up when the capacitive touch sensor is touched by using a lilypad Arduino. I had plans to use these faux firearms for a “Drone Hunt” game, but the bluetooth monitors were giving me hard to define outputs. These outputs were making it hard to build a threshold to work off of in Processing. I would like to return to this at a later point, so that I can utilize the bluetooth in Processing, but I do not see it necessary to do so with these sculptures.


Here are the two finished lower receivers on the painted models. At the end is the “silencer” that lights up in a muzzle flash.




It may be hard to see, but the trigger is stitched out of fabric and has a conductive fabric “button” ironed onto it. When a person’s finger makes contact with this fabric button, it sends a signal to the arduino to light up the lights in sequences of three’s.



LEDs sewn onto the “silencer” using conductive threads. These LEDs run in parallel.

Here is a video of the sculpture lighting up.

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