Shoot ’em Up Progress Documentation

This video demonstrates how Max MSP is taking in serial information from an electret microphone in a 3-D printed pistol using a Teensy. The serial read then goes into a cross fade which overlays an effect over the default video to create a “shot”. Both pistols have their own serial reads and colored effects videos which get overlaid onto the default video. The serial information also goes to the audio playback where it triggers audio files to play when it hits a certain threshold. The participant blows or speaks into the pistol and triggers a simulated “shot” in the program. Next I will work on creating an interface for participants to switch out sounds and characters by pushing a button. The audio files also need to be shortened so they are more like a “shot” and the effects videos tweaked so they seem more like a real effect.

This weekend I hope to laser cut a console for two push buttons to fit into which I will then connect to this patch. I also need to do trials in runtime to see how well everything is going to perform in a gallery setting. I noticed the “effects” videos kept needing to be restarted.

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