Show Blueprint and Fixing Circuits

This week I’m working on adding an audio recorder to the inside of my telephone. The recorder I purchased has a mic input on it, and I want to repurpose the contact mic from the Intermedia class to record. I plan on cutting off the piezo and rewiring it to the telephone microphone that you speak into. Then I can test to see if I can do a recorder using that speaker. If that doesn’t work, I will just turn the recorder on inside of the telephone box and record from there. In that case the audio recording wouldn’t be as clear because it would be further away and would pick up more surrounding noise. I also purchased a USB audio recorder that could serve as a back up and I could put that into the telephone speaker area if I needed to, though the audio quality on it isn’t as good.

I have the coding working rather well for the Max patch. This week I am also working on laser cutting a case for two arcade buttons. These will replace the buttons from the wii patch that allowed for the user to randomly change targets and firearms. Once I have it wired up I will add the serial read from it to the Max sketch, and it should be ready early next week. Then the only thing left will be to clean up the interface for Max Runtime.

Aside from that I have been working on a blueprint for my show, so I have an idea of how i want to set everything up for when I do my testing. This is just a general idea, and some parts might be switched out. For example the bottom right corner has a monitor in it that I might replace with one of the TV’s if possible. The resolution on the patch isn’t the best anyways, so it may look better on the smaller computer monitor anyways.

I might also switch the IR Finger Revolver to where the Name/Statement are currently placed. I am worried about having too much light in the gallery, which could hinder some of the pieces that need a darker space to see. So I might make that entry left wall the only area with a lot of light in it, and keep the rest of the space darker with the exception of one or two pieces.

Show Blueprint

Next I am going to begin writing a proposal for the work I will do post-thesis show. Kurt and I have been talking a lot about Raspberry Pi’s, so I think I am going to propose a project that will involve using the one I purchased over the summer. I just ordered a touchscreen to go with it that should get here in the next week, so I might plan out some interactive programs/animations that I could run on it. I’m also thinking of exploring gestural or wearable pieces, so I’ll probably begin looking into different ways I could connect that to a Raspberry Pi as well.

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